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Intership Programme

African Horse Company ( is inviting experienced horse people to partake in a tourism internship programme. This is defined as a minimum of 2 months up to 6 months.

AHC runs 70 horses on farms in the Stanford to Gansbaai area. These horses roam free on large tracts of land and are raised completely in natural herds.

Currently, there are 20 trained working horses working in a tourism environment comprising 1-3 hour outrides and 1-12 day overnight trails.

Of the other 50 horses, 20 are from 4 to 7 years old and awaiting backing and training. The rest are young foals and horses that are left to run free, yet have some interaction with people

Intern Tasks:

Tourism Activities:

  • Moving working horses from different grazing farms to work stations. These rides are normally 1- 1.5 hours long.
  • Participation in Overnight trails as logistical support. Will be required to be with support vehicle assisting with horses’ care and preparation each day of a trail at each overnight destination.
  • Taking outrides on Farm215 and Stanford Hills estate.
  • Joining 3 hour beach ride from Grootbos and eventually guiding once equipped to do so.
  • Horse camps for youth.
Training Activities

  • Daily grooming, lunging, riding of newly trained horses.
  • Riding new horses with working horses on outrides.
  • Groundwork with foals.
  • Bringing untrained horses out of free roaming herds and engaging them with “from scratch “ training.
  • Backing these untrained horses.
  • Schooling all backed horses.
  • Training horses in cross country trials, novice showjumping and endurance riding.
Accommodation and Work Hours

  • 7 hour working day, 5 days a week - Flexi time
  • Accommodation is in a 4-bedroom farmhouse. 2 interns per room.
  • Foodstuffs provided for self-catering
  • Transport provided for all work related activities. Options available for recreation.
  • Laundry in form of a washing machine provided.
  • Internet Access provided.
Costs and Requirements

R4 000pp per month

  • Each intern will receive a recognition letter of the time spent and type of work covered.
  • It is preferable that interns have a driving licence.
  • All participants must have a minimum of 2 years experience.
  • Medical Insurance compulsory.
  • Valid Tourism visa.
Other Activities

  • Education projects- ranging from pre-school to primary school (Ages 2-13).
  • Art Projects.
  • Nature projects.
  • Organic Food Gardens.
  • Hospitality.
Associated with African Horse Company and Farm215, are a number of projects which can be included in the internship programme. Please enquire on any that might be of interest to you.

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