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Our horses are raised by the land they live in.

African Horse Company trails go through varying terrain. Distances of up to 45km a day will include beach, dune, rugged mountain, streams and wetlands. Through fields of fynbos, up rocky slopes or galloping on the beach, our horses need to be sure footed, fleet and enduring.

The horses used, and most suited, are South African cross breeds: Boereperd, Arab, Saddler and Friesian crosses.

The horses range as a natural herd over the 800 hectares of Farm 215 with an intimate instinctive knowledge of the local shrubs, herbs and grasses. Neither paddocked nor stabled, they are alert, in tune with their environment and free of stress, thereby ideally suited for the type of trails that we undertake. Ranging from 15.5 to 16.5 hands, they will carry a weight up to 95kg over testing terrain. There are 16 working horses with varying temperament and speed. Horses are available for Beginners up to advanced and extreme riders. New trail horses are only recruited from the herd. Once they are strong and developed enough, foals start to accompany their mothers on outrides and learn the trade “on the job”.

Temperament varies from bombproof to lively allowing for proper matching of rider skill to horse. This makes for a rewarding experience without pushing boundaries.

Tack and attire

We are equipped with English Style tack. Saddles used are: General purpose English, Australian Stock, Universal military and Trail Riders. No Western available. Horses are ridden with snaffle bits. Hard Hats are provided for.

Hourly Rides / suggested attire :
  • Long Pants and a closed shoe preferably with heel
  • Rain or Sun protection
Overnight Trails
Saddlebags water containers, cooking equipment all provided for.

Personal Clothing and equipment to bring:
  • Torch
  • Two sets of suitable clothing, one for day one for night
  • Remember weather fluctuates along the coast, always have something warm.
  • Rain and sun protection- Do not forget a cap or hat
  • Sleeping Bag, Warm Jacket
  • Chaps or half chaps (half chaps can be rented on request).
  • Jodphurs (if desired)
  • Gloves (if desired)
  • Good Boot or shoe
  • Swimsuit for summer trails