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Base station : farm 215 private nature reserve

The African Horse Company is all about horses. Horses roam and so do we. We organize outrides from Stanford near Hermanus and do beach rides from the Hermanus estuary along Walker Bay towards Gansbaai; our trails bring us as far as remote spots such as Quoin Point and Buffeljagsbay all the way through the Agulhas National Park to Cape Agulhas. But there is always a base and our base is farm 215. For good reasons: Farm 215 is conveniently located in the middle and most beautiful part of our operation area (the Southern Overberg and its coastline between Hermanus and Cape Agulhas). As an acknowledged pioneer of sustainable hospitality in South Africa, it shares our visions for this area and is our natural partner. It has a real remote and off-the-beaten-track feel to it while offering superb accommodation. Though almost flawlessly professional, Farm 215 is as laid back as we are, realizing that nature based tourism is all about enjoying life and nature in a relaxed ambiance. But most importantly, the horses just like the land of farm 215. Once the horses have made their choice, who are we to argue ?

The reserve of farm 215 is an important local sanctuary of close to a 1000 common, endemic and rare plant species, an important birding hotspot (with e.g. two black harrier nesting sites) and encompasses a mountain catchment, producing vast quantities of pure and fresh water the whole year round which contributes to the robust health of our horses. Our horses move freely from natural pasture to natural pasture in the fertile flats and valleys of the reserve. From a conservation point of view there is no issue with this. On the contrary: in the field the horses perform the function of the mountain zebras and other large herbivores which used to be abundant in the area.

Andů..what better way to fall asleep than with the sound of horses chomping the grass just outside your unit ?

Our multi day horse treks mostly start from farm 215 and the 800 hectares of the reserve is excellent terrain for outrides of a couple of hours, leading to some stunning viewpoints from where you will have 365 degree vistas over the whole area.

Farm 215 is not just a beautiful and remote retreat in a special nature area; it is also a responsible operation based on sustainable design and sustainable daily operations. Farm 215 is part of the Walker Bay Conservancy, the winner of the Cape Fox Award for best management of private land in the Western Cape (awarded by the Western Cape Conservation Stewardship Association), is certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa and winner of the Chic Shack Award by Elle Travel UK. On farm 215, you not only pay for your stay, you also contribute to the upkeep and rehabilitation of indigenous and rare nature. Staying on farm 215 both guarantees that your footprint will be as low as possible and helps to safeguard the continued existence of some very special and threatened nature.